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Homework Help: Maximum Total Yield?

  1. Nov 8, 2004 #1
    .. an orchard owner has maintained records that show that if 25 appl trees are planted in one acre then each tree yields an aveerage of 500 apples. The yield decreases by 10 apples per tree for each additional tree that is planted. How many trees should be planted for max total yield?

    The answer is 37 or 38. The answer I get is 12.5...

    trees planted * yield of each tree = total apples
    12500 - 250x + 500x - 10x^2
    -10x^2 + 250x + 12500

    -b/2a = 12.5

    I don't understand how the answer would be less than the minimum (25) trees that were planted initially
    edit: sorry, stupid mistake, 25+12.5 = 37.5 ... forgot what i was solving for
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