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Maximum velocity of electrons?

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    i've been trying to figure out this problem..

    The longest wavelength of light that causes electrons to be ejected from the surface of a copper plate is 243 nm. What is the maximum velocity of the electrons ejected when light of wavelength 200. nm shines on a copper plate?

    the answer is 6.22 × 105 m/s

    any ideas?
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    Read about photoelectric effect.


    Where φ is the work function, the lowest energy that must be supplied to tear off an electron, and hf>φ.
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    Read the forum rules!
    This isn't the correct board for homework problems. And you should show some attempt to having solved the problem.
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    thank you.. but how can i relate this to the wavelength concept?
    this is not a homework problem.. it is an old exam question..

    i would appreciate any additional information..
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