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Homework Help: Maximum voltage

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Describe a wet cell battery and explain its operation?
    How would would ensure getting maximum voltage. Assume you are only permitted a single cell.

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I got the first question, but i don't get how to answer the second question. i know that when a wet cell battery is in a hot climate, the water in a battery will evaporate or accumulate the chemical inside. other than this i have no idea how to answer this question. Also i think using chemical that have large potention Energy.
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    well if single cell means only one wet cell, then i think i can answer it.

    you have to use the standard reduction potentials table to find the half reactions that will react to form the most voltage.

    using the table, i get:

    (1st half reaction) F2(g) + 2e- [tex]\rightleftharpoons[/tex] 2F- Eo = 2.87Volts

    (2nd half reaction) Li(s) [tex]\rightleftharpoons[/tex] Li+ + e- Eo = 3.04 volts

    (Cell Redox reaction) 2Li+ + F2(g) [tex]\rightleftharpoons[/tex] 2F- + 2Li(s) Eo = 5.91 volts.

    This is the highest voltage possible with a wet cell i think...well hope i helped.
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    thanks i understand it now
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    kk glad to help
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