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Maxwell 3D. error: The solved region is not connected

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    Hello all,

    I am working on a simple induction system consisting of 2 coils (separated by a distance) and the ferrite cores modelled with Maxwell 3D
    I want to run the optimization tool to define the best distance between the coils in order to have a high coupling factor between them.
    I am working on the complete 3D model
    The error I keep getting is:
    "Source setup error, possible reasons are 1) The solved region is not singly connected. If any circle in the solved region can not be freely shrunk to a point, then solved region is not regarded as singly connected. 2) The master and slave boundaries are separated. For this case, “Zero Tangential H Field?boundary condition need to be assigned on one boundary connecting master and slave boundaries."

    The boundary conditions are zero tangential H field on the bottom and upper face of the defined calculation box.

    The parametric analysis works!.

    Do you have any ideas?

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