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Maxwell 3d linear motor

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    hi. im new at maxwell. i have work on some examples but i wanna learn how can i do a linear motor project. i didnt find any examples ( pdfs ). where can i find some pdfs?
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    Simon Bridge

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    You need to define your project in terms that engineers will use ... what do you mean by a "maxwell motor"?
    I know of a Maxwell "homopolar" motor ... but that does not seem to fit the idea of it being called "linear".
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    I guess he means Ansys/Ansoft Maxwell 3D, a FEM software.

    As for help, not every problem has its own tutorial. ( This is called engineering ) But analyzing a linear machine is similar to a rotating machine. Use the knowledge about FEM modeling from the rotating machine, read up on how a linear motor works and try modeling it yourself.

    In transient simulation you must use a "linear moving band" instead of the rotating one.
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