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Maxwell AC Solver

  1. Aug 11, 2010 #1

    I am trying to use Maxwell's AC solver to determine capacitance. Does anyone have any experience in this? Specifically, I have a question with regards to setting up my capacitance matrix. In my AC model, I have 4 objects with applied excitations. I am trying to determine the capacitance between two of these objects. The objects consist of

    1. A grounded object
    2. An object with a known, complex applied voltage.
    3. A source electrode (one of the objects between which I wish to determine the capacitance)
    4. A sense electrode (the other of the objects between which I wish to determine the capacitance)

    In my capacitance matrix I set the source and sense electrodes to “signal lines” and I set the grounded object to “ground”. How do I set up the object with a known complex voltage in the capacitance matrix? I have applied this complex voltage in the excitations.

    Thanks for any tips you might have.

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