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Maxwell equations

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    What do the 4 equations say in words?
    not in math but in words that explains the meaning of them.

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    Try having a look at our Library Article: Maxwell's equations and see if that helps.
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    Their meaning is expanded through a quantum view, but classically: The total electric flux through any closed surface equals the net charge inside divide by the permittivity. The net magnetic flux through a closed surface is zero (magnetic fields are essentially found as dipoles of North and South; monopoles have not yet been detected). A changing magnetic field induces a propagating electric field, whereas a changing electric field induces a magnetic field (hence when you have moving charges, current, you have a magnetic field---when reviewing displacement currents, note that they tell that a magnetic field is induced that is continuous to that of the conventional current).

    One of the points of Maxwell's equations is to show the symmetry between electricity and magnetism...hence you have two concepts of the same phenomenon: electromagnetism
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    another question,
    if in two wires the current flows in the same direction - attraction
    not the same direction - rejection.

    which one of maxwell equations says that?
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    As far as I know, none of Maxwell's equations say that. However, a complementary equation - the Lorentz force law - states what will happen to the wire. For reference, the Lorentz law is:

    [tex] \vec{F} = q\left(\vec{E} + \vec{v}\times \vec{B} \right) [/tex]
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    Archduke is right...they do not directly show such...but you can use the equations to show what happens.
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