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Homework Help: Maxwells equations problem

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    A 40cmX30cm rectangular loop rotates at 130 r/s in a magnetic field of .06 in the direction normal to the axis of rotation. If the loop has 50 turns, determine the induced voltage in the loop.

    Heres what I did. I used B dot ds. I had my ds being the sides of the rectangle and coswt in the normal direction. I then took the derivative of that. So I multiplied 130*.4*.3*50*.06. The 50 comes from the number of turns.
    I ended up with an answer of 46.8 sin 130 t. The book has an answer of -54. Since the magnetic field is unchanging, the voltage has to be time-varying.
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    can somebody confirm my answer?
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    Looks right, and yes, the voltage should definitely oscillate.
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