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Homework Help: Maxwell's laws assignment

  1. Apr 24, 2006 #1

    here's the paper.


    for the first part am i right in assuming that E flux is present only through the LH faces?

    and that i need to double integrate E first with respect to x from zero to L and then with respect to z fom 0 to H? and similarly for part 2?

    or am I complicating myself?

    for part 3 I did the line integrals summed them and got 0

    from part 2 i found the Bflux to be 0 therefore its derivative which is part three is 0. that satisfies Faraday's law doesn't it? as for the constants' relationship I'm not sure.

    part 5 i did similarly to part 3

    part 6: im not sure on this

    part 7: i used k^2/w^2=(permeability of free space)(permittivity) to find k, Beta I haven't found yet but I'll figure it out.

    Part 8: any pointers for this part I'll greatly appreciate. :biggrin:

    any help and advice greatly appreciated :smile:

    I'll be checking replies and posting more questions :redface:

    If what I've done so far does not make any sense or I'm totally in the wrong direction be frank in letting me know. I don't mind :smile:
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