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May I link to My Problem?

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    Hi all,

    I need help with a physics problem, but I don't think the people who started helping me aren't available anymore. Would it be okay if I reposted my problem in the Homework section with a link to the previous thread?

    Thanks! :smile:
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    No, that's not a good idea. But it's good that you asked :smile:.

    Try posting again in the thread - just re-word the question.
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    Okay, thank you! :smile: I love this forum and I'll continue to use it, but would you happen to know of a forum geared more towards lower level physics? The mentors on here are great, but some of the homework helpers are advanced physicists and tend to get bored with simple equations.

    Thanks again! :smile:
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    Right now, many students and faculty in the US aren't even back at school yet from holidays. Also, there's a major snowstorm and cold spell happening in the midwestern and northeastern US, which might be distracting some people.
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    That's true! :smile: My comment about the more advanced students getting bored was mainly referring to comments they make about the knowledge of others, thought I phrased it oddly so that it wouldn't sound rude.

    I like your signature. XD
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