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May Sound Stupid But

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    I was reading something and it said some people rinse their hair with vinegar after washing it with shampoo because shampoos are basic but it never said why they rinse it with vinegar. Do anyone know why they do that as i found it quite odd?
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    Shampoo is basic, all soaps are basic so that is true.

    Maybe these people are concerned with the pH of the skin on their head? Vinegar might restore the natural pH and protect against parasites or something.. There are all these body soaps which have been neutralized to the pH of the skin, they say it is better..

    I find it a strange story, vinegar is very smelly, I wouldn't want to wash my hair with it.
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    Ya i have never rinsed my hair in vinegar and never heard of someone doing it so i thought it sounded quite weird.
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    If you wanted the pH to balance out, maybe you should rinse your hair with vinegar then soap it up. It should still balance out in the end but you won't stink :D
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