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May you help me ? Qs

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    may you help me PLZ ?? Qs

    hi all ... this is my first post in this great forum ..

    i'm student in high school

    and i was wondering if u can help me in my research ..

    i need in my research some full information in [the 9 planets] ..

    for example ..
    -how much velocity do the earth circle around the sun? << or any planet in km\h
    -how far is the planet from the sun? << in meters
    -planet's orbit shape?? << is it circle or what .. ?
    -how many (km) does the planet circle around the sun?
    -is there any site provides this information(with graph or without) for me?
    -how can I imagine the shape of planet's orbit ? << I think I need graph !

    i need any source that could help me !?
    and plz ... my research isn't for the earth "only" but in the all nine planets so i need this
    information for all of them (the nine planets) ...

    thank u at the end ,,,
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    Hello there, welcome to PF:
    First of all, this probably belongs to HW section.
    Second of all, as far as I know its your homework, your research. Youre basically asking other people to do it for you without showing any effort put it whatsoever. (Not even please, just some mutated form... plz or pls or what do I know.)

    But hey, youre new! Ill give you an advice: Go to www.wikipedia.org[/url]. (as mgb mentioned) Write name of your planet (example mars) and you have almost all information needed on single page, infact in a single box on the right hand side of the page. If you feel like you need more information there is another interesting adress: [url]www.google.com[/URL]! Write name of your planet, perhaps add *shape of orbit* or something if needed, and voila, you get tonnes of information.
    So /shoo and good luck with your research!

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    Unfortunately, our solar system is no longer composed of nine planets. Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet...

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