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Maya 6.5 on a laptop?

  1. Jul 16, 2005 #1
    Maya 6.5 on a laptop??

    I'm planning to buy a laptop(or a notebook if the name matters), what i want in the laptop is to run maya 3D fine( and other programs like photoshop, flash...design software in general), i also want a big HDD(60GB maybe good),high memory for good performance, CD/DVD burner.and fine a stable precessor( not sure if its centrino).
    i'm fixing about $1500

    I would really appreciate any suggestions

    P.S: i have a good deal on an LG notebook, not sure if its a good choice.. again i would be gratefull for any help here
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    Can you get Dell Precision - series where you're at at that price ? I'm running all those on a year old M60 without a problem (60 Gb HDD, 40 Gb expansion drive, P M 2.1 GHz, 2 Gb memory, could do with 1 Gb on most appl. even when running the system in WinXP).
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    Not an option

    thanx for that..
    it seems i certainly dont have the option of Dell Precision, its too expensive..
    any suggestions please??

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    Check out www.pctorque.com

    They have powerful laptops and a great forum where you can do research and get help and support.

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    At the Dell Factory Outlet, there is a Precision Workstation M-70 for $1,380.00.

    It comes with the lastest Nvidia workstation graphics card. The RAM is only 512MB, but that can be upgraded at Crucial.com.
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    I may not be wanting a workstation.. notebook is what i need.. cause i will be moving a lot... anyhow thanks for the advice...if you find any such good deals, i will be more than pleased to know.

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    It goes by the name workstation but is a laptop .... not the lightest one but a laptop. Dell has placed it to its workstation lineup due to the 'torque' it possesses.
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    For the programs you listed a $1500 laptop is not going to be the best choice I would imagine.
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    For the programs he listed, a Dell Precision M-60 or M-70 will smoke just about any other laptop at any price. You can check the reports on the CAD usenet groups to confirm this. For example:

    A Portable Workstation that is to be used with 3D CAD will have one of only
    two available Graphics chipset lines available. It will have either the
    NVIDIA Quadro FX Go series or the ATI Mobility FireGL series of chipsets.
    Anything less is meant for games and will not provide the quality and
    performance that you will want. Dell is the only provider with the NVIDIA
    option, while IBM and HP offer products with the ATI option. In the past,
    NVIDIA always seemed to be better for CAD and that's why most prefer the
    Dell M60/M70 laptops.
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    I agree. My laptop is an HP, and it cost me $1500 base price. But the video card is terrible, and the memory is lacking. I cannot do airflow analysis on it, and I am building a desktop for that. But I think you will be hard-pressed to find what you want for that price.
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    Agree, this is the criterion I've used in past 3 laptops to make the selection. And I do mostly 3D modeling.
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