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Homework Help: Maybe easy questions i dont know need help

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    forget how to solve these questions plz help

    first off these are probally really easy but i havent taken physics in 2 years so i completely forget how to do these questions lol.

    1. solve for x. 3x/y=6g/y
    2. d-t/x
    3.A pirate starts at point A, takes 54 paces due WEST, turns, takes 34 paces due SOUTH, turns, and takes 12 paces due EAST to find a buried treasure. How far is the buried treasure from Point A?

    I dont need the answers i just want to know the equations to figure them out so I can do them!

    question 1 attempt:

    3x/y=6g/b = x/y=2g/b = x=2gy/b?? please tell me if this is correct and if not can anyone tell me what ive done wrong here?
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    Re: forget how to solve these questions plz help

    The equation that you show initially is 3x/y=6g/y. Then you say 3x/y=6g/b. The two do not agree.

    These two are not the same. Also you should not be putting equal signs as you did.
    3x/y=6g/b is one equation
    x/y=2g/b is another equation, but
    6g/b is not equal to x/y as you say.
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