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Maybe our "math" is wrong?

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    It seems that as we learn and develop new theories, one thing remains the same...our math. Sure, there are different and elegant formulas, but maybe we are fundamentally wrong. The crazy thing is how crazy that sounds. Why do we give zero a place on the "number line" between -1 and 1? Does that not give zero a value? Yet there is infinity between each number. Quantum doesn't match physics. There is probably a higher "math" to describe galactic communication. Math defines observation but the majority of the universe is dark matter and dark energy? Looks like we are not observing the right stuff and therefore our definition of the universe is obviously wrong...using our math. My answer? Get rid of zero.
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    What question does that answer exactly?

    I, for one am quite fond of zero, I need it to describe the number of times I've been to the moon.
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    You're incoherently tying unrelated things together, in short, you make zero sense.

    Loosen the foil hat, it's obviously impeding much needed blood flow.
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    There are too many 0-0 draws in football, in my opinion. Getting rid of 0 would stop this. All football matches would start at 1-1 and thereby goal-less draws would be prevented.
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    Also, if we got rid of zero, then no one could have 0 dollars. If you had a dollar, and you spent it, another dollar would have to magically appear in your pocket to prevent you from having 0 dollars. Therefore, I feel compelled to support this idea.
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    There are some downsides. I would have some difficulty describing the number of donkeys I've copulated with, though this may not be a problem for everybody.
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    This is nonsense. Thread closed.
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