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News Mayors and salaries

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    I just recently found out that when the mayor of my city, Mary Verner, first took office, she chose to make $39,000 per year less than her predecessor.

    I'm proud to live in Spokane.
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    You won't be so proud of Mary when you hear this:


    I'm embarrassed for you.:rofl:
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    Bloomberg gets a buck.
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    She's willing to risk that?

    What courage us Spokanites have!
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    I'd say! She has courage for sure! I know very little about her, except for that.

    Well, after another google, I found out she's also a rapper:

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    Good for her! Our's skipped out on thousands of defaulted debt in California before finangling a several hundred thousand dollar a year salary here in the Springs.

    That was a year or so ago, and she still owes the California debt.

    I suppose no one close to her has had the guts to tell her that public service is about serving the public, not amassing wealth or welching on debts.

    I lived in Spokane for two years back in the early 1990s. Good for Mary Verner!
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