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Mayweather - Ortiz

  1. Sep 21, 2011 #1
    A little late, but what does everyone think of the knockout at the end?
    I watched the tape a couple of times and indeed Cortez says "Let's go" and motioned them in, the Ortiz goes to apologize. Meanwhile, Cortez is not watching the fighters, he's talking to a judge or someone, and Ortiz didn't know if the fight was going on yet. Bottom line, it was Victor's fault, and Cortez did a terrible job that night as well.

    I think Mayweather would have won anyways but anything can happen in sports, and it's a bit lame it had to go like that. I'd want to see a rematch.

    P.S. The headbutt looked intentional, that's probably why Ortiz felt so bad. He should have gotten over it quickly and kept on fighting, because there's no time for politeness in the ring.
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