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MBA + PM vs. MSE?

  1. May 17, 2010 #1
    Hey new to the site but so far it has been helpful.

    Now to my question. MBA with Project Management vs Masters in Engineering. I just got my BS (unfortunately not in engineering) and I wanted to compare these 2 paths.

    I have a little experience with construction management and familiar with pmp and pmbok. I enjoyed the work and there seems to be good money involved. Additionally, the course work when compared to anything related to engineering is much easier. However, I have always had a drive to learn more and engineering is what I find most interesting. I know that many project/construction managers have engineering degrees as well.

    SO, what are the REAL World pros/cons of each and the likelihood of landing a nice CM job (over here in the states hopefully). I am split and want good personal experiences and information from real people.

    Thanks for your time in advance
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