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Homework Help: Mbambo asking for help

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    hi guys
    i have juss did my connections on a balanced system and the Nuetral current suppose to be zero.the question is to explain why I recorded a small value of neutral current.
    thank hope to hear from you soon.
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    We certainly need more details in order to be of any help. Is this a 3-phase system where you are detecting some Neutral current? A more complete description of the system and the loads is needed.

    Also, is this for homework/coursework, or for work? If it's homework/coursework, I can move this thread to the Homework Help section of the PhysicsForums website (where such questions must be posted).
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    oh yes its a 3 -phase system with an 80 ohm res,40F capacitor and 4H inductor,
    star source delta load(Vp =65v,VL =110v,Ip =1.3,IL =2.3,wattmeter =138w)
    star source star(Vp =62.5, VL =109, Ip= 0.5, IN= 0, wattmeter 1=60w and wattmeter 2=11w).these are the details .thank you.it is a course work
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