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MBA's: The Biggest Cheaters

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    MarketWatch - Careers
    By Thomas Kostigen
    Don't cheat. :rolleyes:

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    What a wonderful world we live in eh?
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    haha, I was grading some tests for the teacher who's class I tutor for, and I noticed that two people had the same exact answers. Being curious, I asked the teacher if they sat next to each other, and indeed they do. Anyway, the kicker is that they both got somewhere around a 40%, I don't remember the exact number.
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    I always wonder why people cheat when they don't even cheat off someone who knows the answers. :rofl: Did you give them each a 20% for their half of the work? :biggrin:
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    This does not surprise me a bit. Business majors are the more represented share in the human population. It contains the most average, stupid people. Second to that is political science majors.
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    Engineers are right behind them at 54% followed by Physical sciences at 50% so I think it is a little unfair to make generalizations. The only thing that can be said is that too many people are cheating.
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    The irony is that only the honest students would admit to cheating. :uhh: When they include copying another student's work without specifying how much, then I'd expect the real percentage to be much higher. I think it would be very rare to find a student who has NEVER copied even a single homework problem from a classmate when they got stuck and ran out of time to work it out or get proper help before turning it in.
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    That's what I was thinking about....
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