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Medical MBTI Personality Types

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    I recently came across this personality type thing, i am interested to know how reliable this is, are there any psychologists here ? I did not take the official MBTI test, i took the test in some other websites. If i put 50 people of the same personality type in a room will they all agree ?
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    If you took the test 50 times,
    would it always say you have the same personality type?
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    I did that several times( less the 50 times) in several websites , I got the same type but that didn't work for my brother he got 3 different results in the first 3 attempts. Maybe the official MBTI test is more consistent but we need to pay for that !!!
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    I've taken the actual Meyers-Briggs test twice, given at my place of work by the actual test company. I also took DISC, my results were different, though very similar each time based on my mood that day.

    I'd say if you answer honestly with your first real thought, they are pretty accurate. Of course if you answer the way you wish to be perceived, they will be false.

    I wouldn't worry about a result you disagreed with or get too self absorbed if it said you were awesome. :rolleyes:
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    I took this many years ago. I think it was pretty accurate, but with a couple of limitations.

    One limitation is that it condenses what is really a continuum, into digital designations. For example, the first letter is either an I for introverted or an E for extroverted, but there are no degrees. I would expect someone who is 99% introverted to be somewhat different than someone who is 51% introverted. The 51% person may test as an I or an E depending on their mood.

    Also, even if this sort of personality typing is accurate in describing how someone perceives, processes, and interacts with the world, everything is going to be colored by each individuals history. You and I may have the same personality types, but we've had different experiences that have taught us different things so we won't always agree on things or do things the same way, even though we may be the same type.

    I'm INTP.
    I'd be interested to know what everyone else is. There may be an interesting pattern to the types of personalities that show up on a physics forum.
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    Im always an INTJ on these things by my I is not far from being an E.
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    The Myers-Briggs test is highly unscientific. There are severe criticisms on it which you should look up and be aware of. It's a very popular test though, but science just doesn't back it up.
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    A good test that is more scientifically backed is the big five. So you could try that.
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