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    i need advices from you nice PPl out here.My Bro has just graduated in geography honours and he is confused for his next carrier step.Well i want to tell you more about him to bring the picture clear in the mind.My bro is the president of his college and is the most powerful student of his college ,,,he has got leadership qualities and ability to lead but he is not so much hardworking as he does not study much.he is just 1 year elder to me,,but has got a nice personality but lacks in english too.He wanna do MCA but whole and i myself both want him to go for that he do MBA from a nice university..but the problem is he thinks ,he can't do MBA.So PLz clear out the prospects .....and tell about which one is better ..well he wanna go in MCA becoz i too doing engg. in CSE ,so both of us want to be in same line..u Pls tell me what is reqd. for what and i have tried to clear his personailty .

    I am waiting for all urs reply,,and it will be heartly appreciated.
    Thanx........By the way MCA is Masters in Computer application but he graduated in geography.
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    He would probably need to work in a managerial position for some years before he would be considered to take an MBA.
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    thx brewnog but isn't degree done before .
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    its pretty much unclear to me what u are interested in.
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    Unlike most Masters degrees, an MBA candidate is usually required to have experience within a managerial position before being accepted on an MBA course by a business school.

    edit: at least in the UK

    (Anyone else notice "at least in the UK" becoming my catchphrase?)
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    I'm not sure if that's a requirement in the US. But, programs are structured for the majority of their students to be coming back from the work world (such as offering most classes at night or on weekends so they don't conflict with work hours), and someone without any practical experience would probably find themselves less able to keep up compared with someone who has work experience and knows more about real life issues in business.

    I think it becomes more of an issue when you try to get a job with that MBA. If it's all school and no experience, it may make it harder to get a job because you're somewhat overqualified in the schooling, but under-qualified in experience, so hard to fit into any of the typical heirarchies in an office. Besides, if you get job experience and look promising for getting a promotion to management, you might be able to get your company to pay for the MBA instead of paying for it yourself, which is well worth the wait!
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    In North America, there are programs for either case. One of the top schools I have checked this with offered two MBA's, one for recent graduates, and a distinct one for current managers. Some can be done part time, some are accelerated, etc. and each school as it's own specific requirements.
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