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Mcat 2015

  1. Mar 29, 2013 #1
    It's been announced recently that the MCAT exam will have sections on psychology and sociology on its own exam component.

    For those starting undergraduate studies in the fall, and probably 2nd year students as well, what is the best strategy to prepare for the new exam? Pick sociology and psychology courses as your degree's 'arts option?'

    In general, what would you (academics, medical students, those who have taken the test) say are the most important science classes to take?

    I plan to be working on a biochemistry degree so two semesters of physics, biology, chemistry, English and organic chemistry each and one semester of calculus are required in addition to the many biochemistry classes I will take.

    There is room for some non-biochemistry classes. So what should an aspiring medical student take?

    Physiology, microbiology, genetics, cell biology? Should one take just introductory classes in these fields or does the MCAT require taking further classes in some or any of these classes?
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