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  1. I'm starting my MCAT despite having completed only a few prerequisites. I understand many of the tested concepts but I'd like to know if this is a good course of action:

    I plan to study for the MCAT all this summer (everyday) and taking the exam prior to the Fall 2012 semester. I have no other responsibilities at the moment and can truly devote all my time to studying. Would it be possible to earn a decent score(keeping in mind I intend to apply only to Florida schools)?

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  3. Yes, this is more than enough time, though a more productive forum may be one like or something. There's a really popular 90 day prep plan there.

    If you learned your physical sciences well, the exam is actually pretty simple.
  4. An all-summer prep should be fine, especially for the bio and physical sciences sections.

    I ended up studying I think for about 4 months (while I was still gigging professionally and after having a 3 year break since I took any science courses during undergrad). That amount of time of part-time studying was more than enough to get above a 40, so I'm sure you'll be fine with 3 months of completely devoted study for the exam.
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