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News McCain confused about the Iraq war.

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    If true, McCain displayes an astonishing ignorance. A presidential candidate who has based his campain on the Iraq war question, and still does not know about the basic facts.

    I thought McCain was a quite reasonable man (for being a republican), but I definitely have to reassess my opinion after this Bush-like statement.
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    I think McCain knows the basic facts. It could be that he is tired, and speaking off-the-cuff, he may have said Iran when he meant to say Iraq. It's common in older folks to switch/mix words.

    However, this kind of error does raise a concern since this guy wants to be president, and the president needs to make informed decisions.
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    McCain needs to be careful because anything he does that can be explained as him being old and senile will hurt him dearly.

    On the other hand, most -against their personal benefit- republican voters (read middle class) appreciate simple terms like evil, bad people, those folks, Terrorists etc so they the "small" nuance between Shiite and Sunnies may not be that important electorally.

    Remember "it is not about what you say but about how loud you say it" (S. Colbert)
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