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News McCain for Bush !

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    Have you seen the new campaign ad for Bush-Cheney, where they show clips of Senator McCain praising the president ?

    Can the Right get any more shameless than this ?

    Any reasonably aware person knows exactly how John McCain feels about Bush...
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    I'm aware that while McCain disagrees with Bush on many issues, McCain has time and again said he supports his reelection.
    What's the problem?

    I'm not fan of Bush, but I will more than likely be voting for him, as it stands right now.
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    Hmmm lets see....Spineless socialists who avoid personal responsibility for their actions at all costs....Backward moneygrubbing religious leader who wanted to legitimize the criminal actions of 10 million illegal immigrants and add a constitutional ban on gay marriage to push the nation toward fundamentalism.....i'm almost glad i won't be 18 in time to vote in this election.
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    The interesting thing is that Kerry will also be using McCain in some of his ads.
    I guess that's what happens when people respect a politician.
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    McCain is being a good party man. He thinks if he gets the republican nomination next time he is a shoe in. McCain is not a moderate. He is to the right of Bush on most important issues. They differ on religion and rights. He certainly is much closer to Bush on issues. It has only been in matters of character that McCain has shown his preference for Kerry, but in politics character comes third.

    I believe McCain will find himself tragically betrayed in 2008.

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    You are, unfortunately, correct. I honestly believe though, that it matters more for Republicans than Democrats.
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