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Mcd to microeinstein

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    Hi all.

    I have been looking around for a while and done quite some research, however i couldnt find an answer. The one I found were quite complicated ones.

    My question is of how to convert mcd to microeinstein.
    I know it depends on wavelength. I am using LEd with 30deg angle and 1500mcd and near 660 wavelength (red color).

    The closest I could get was using info from this website:

    however einstein is in /m^2*s.

    S how can i transform the watt to einstein?

    I just need a close approximation not exact answer.
    Could you give some tips/hints?

    Thank you
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    It's tricky, candelas are a perceptual unit, you need to know the luminous efficacy of the LED.

    I'd suggest starting at the other end; don't you know the power of the LED? That's usually easier to find out (and I suspect the luminous intensity was calculated from it anyway?. LED's are pretty efficient and pretty monochromatic. So if you assume 100% efficiency and purely monochromatic light, then you should be able to convert watts directly into Einsteins/second using Planck's constant.
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