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MCNP: Cell Multiplier Card

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    I am currently using KCode and modeling a fuel array (Lattice), reflector array (Lattice), and a Stainless steel reflector (Cell filled with Stainless steel, simple geometry). The cells are situated right next to one another, such as 3 squares of similar sizes which make a rectangle. All surrounded by perfect reflector boundaries except past the stainless steel cell.

    Originally I was studying the albedo of different materials in the reflector array. I was then tasked with seeing what absorptions were occurring, other than fission. I used the F4 detector and then added the Fm4 (cell multiplier). I ran it got results, and then tried some tests for sanity.

    My scenario/question: I ran the multiplier card out in the stainless steel cell and asked it for interactions (absorptions other than fission) with my fuel material. I expected there to be none bc there is no fuel present and MCNP printed that there were interactions. So, has anyone used this card before and maybe is there a simple explanation as to why I would see these results?
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