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MCNP error in vised

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    I need help with creating repeated structures.
    I have a hexagonal aluminium container, inside of which i need to put cylindrical rods. I defined a rod and its cladding and air surrounding it, as universe=5 then i defined another hexagonal surface with 0 material but fill=5 and i define this hexagonal cell as universe =4 and lat=2 then i defined another bigger hexagonal, a certain part of the above mentioned hexagonal aluminium container with 0 material but fill=4..... But in vised the latter container is shown as red so error. Please help me :(
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    Perhaps you can post a screen shot of where the error is shown and what the error text says.

    What is vised? a visual editor? is this the name of the software you are using?
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    Hi. Yes, vised stands for visual editor.
    Now i have two problems. One is i defined 2 hex because the hexagonal container has a thickness. At the end of the body, i added a plate , but the plate is rectangular, i defined by 2 px and 2 py and the z but the part which is larger than the container is in red so it is not defined in a correct way.

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    To define the last plate,
    Cell n. Mat. n -2.7 510 -51 10 -119

    Sutface: 119
    Rpp -17.5 17.5 -17.5 17.5 63.3 63.8
    But no way
    Thanks for your reply
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    So your error is related to two or more parts trying to occupy the same space?
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