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MCNP Gamma Decay

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    Hi ,
    This is my first post in this forum, I am new and happy to be in this forum :)

    My question is, during the calculation of neutron and photon of a single-point reactor core, does MCNP5 taking into account the gamma decay? because during fission process, fission product can emit gamma. Does MCNP consider that?

    thank you
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    Yes it can. Here is an example - http://www.iaea.org/inis/collection/NCLCollectionStore/_Public/35/106/35106353.pdf

    As I understand it, MCNP is primarily a particle (neutron and gamma) transport code, however, it can be coupled to other codes, e.g., ORIGEN, to simulate/calculate decay of radionuclides, or depletion. It all depends on how the source is defined.
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    hi Astronuc,
    I am really glad that you answered my question. I used to see your comments long time ago before starting to use this forum. Thank you very much :)

    Let's make the question more clear, if I am using MCNP5 alone without coupling it. Does it enough to track all gamma?
    Another thing, code like Geant 4 "I haven't used it yet" but can it follow gamma decay.
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    It appears that one can address a source with a source card, but it is limited to particularly sources. See the SDEF card, and also, SUR for a surface source and CELL for a volume source.

    https://canteach.candu.org/Content Library/20043507.pdf

    The sources seem rather limited.

    In order to do a time dependent sources, e.g., fissions of a fuel rod or assembly, I believe one has to couple a depletion module, e.g., CINDER, ORIGEN, to MCNP.
    For example - https://mcnp.lanl.gov/pdf_files/la-ur-12-00676.pdf

    I understand that MCNP 6.2 is out now, and that has combined features from MCNP and MCNPX.
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