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MCNP: How to specify a small source in a large lattice

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    I am working on an input file in MCNPX/6 that uses a CT scan lattice geometry. I want to specify a small source in a large universe (lung). Right now I have a source uniformly distributed through the universe. The existing documentation is vague on this topic. Is it possible to contain the source in just a few of the voxels? Thanks for any suggestions or help!

    Source definition:
    SDEF PAR=D1 ERG=D2 CEL=D3 X=D4 Y=D5 Z=D6 $ Particle dist Energy dist
    SI1 L 34 3 3 34
    SP1 .42 .25 .16 .17
    SI2 L 6.00 .7117 2.1318 7.69
    SP2 .42 .25 .16 .17 $ Particle energy short-lived
    SI3 L (4<6<8) $ 4 is the lung universe, 6 is the lattice unit cell, and 8 contains the lattice
    SP3 1
    SI4 H -25.048828 -24.658203
    SP4 D 0 1
    SI5 H -50.048828 -49.658203
    SP5 D 0 1
    SI6 H 21.625 21.875
    SP6 D 0 1
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