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MCNP Phantom Templates?

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    Does anyone know if there are templates for things such as the ICRP 23 reference man (70kg)? Im trying to create one for a little side project Im doing (calculating the photon dose my friend gets from sleeping next to his cat that has been treated with I-131). Im trying to create the phantom using macrobodies, and its turning out to be a real pain, getting it proportinate while obtaining the proper volume. There has to be a colection of phantoms somewhere, I would think these dose calculations have been done over and over again for a long time now. I cant picture people recreating a body or organ phantom for every new simulation. I have no doubt I can create this but there has to be a better way. Any ideas?
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    If this is your first time using MCNP, your professors are probably trying to get you aquainted with how to create geometries. The reference man is pretty complicated with organs and limbs. Can you just do a person shape and make it out of water? That would make things easier for you.
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    I have some MCNP experience, mostly criticality/Keff calculations with lattices of boxes and cylinders. Reactor fuel assemblies, fuel storage vaults, etc. This is all my class at the uni plus a MCNP class by Forrest Brown at a national lab really taught us. The health/medical physics photon stuff is pretty new though. Its not a class assignment, its something Im tinkering with on my own to figure out how it works. I was just thinking that I am re-inventing the wheel here. I guess if I cant find anything better ill just make one out of macrobodies, a rectangular box for arms, legs and torso, and a union of a cylinder and sphere for the head. Tried to do the cone/elipsoid structure with a GQ surface but I dont really understand the parameters of it (manual didnt help).
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