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MCNP5 Installation Help

  1. Jun 2, 2016 #1

    Is there anyone who has any experience of installing (compiling) MCNP5 on Scientific Linux or CentOS?
    Previously I had used MCNP5 on Windows. But Recently I thought of moving to Linux based cluster.

    But I am having difficulty in compiling MCNP5 on Linux. The environment that I am using for clustering is Rocks Cluster.

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  4. Jun 8, 2016 #3
    I had some success in compiling Sequential version of MCNP5 on CentOS.
    But MPI version is giving errors. And it looks like all the errors are in dotcomm modules and all the error are either because of poor comparison statements OR because of improper use of Switch statements.
    I have attached a screenshot of Terminal.
    Any help in this regard will be appreciated.


    https://i.imgsafe.org/7eb92b50d5.jpg [Broken]
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  5. Sep 16, 2017 #4
    The image is broken.
    I also installed mcnp5.mpi on linux and got errors at testing phase.
    But I guess our mistakes are different but maybe I can help you.
  6. Sep 16, 2017 #5
    Thanks, I solved my problem. It was because of the default MPI environment loaded on Rocks Cluster.
    Once I changed that it compiled successfully.
  7. Sep 16, 2017 #6
    what compiler and mpi you use?
  8. Sep 22, 2017 #7
    I used the GCC 4.4.7 and MPICH2-1.4.1p1.
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