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MCT & matrix converter

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    I want to have a glue about MCTs (metal oxide semiconductors controlled thyristors ) and matrix converter, current commutation, four step current commutation.

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    sounds great, just research some websites on those topics, post what you find here. We can evaluate them and then submit to the appropriate moderator for consideration.
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    Perhaps I misunderstood your first post, I'm trying to clarify. Are wanting to have a clue as to what these items are all about? My initial thought was that you wanted to make a sticky, which is a thread on a particularly usefull subject that remains (sticks) near the top of a PF topic.

    I did take a look at your attached pdf.. An interesting article, that appears to apply to the key words you posted. If you are just doing a literature search on these keywords, I recommend going down to your college library to the reference section. Generally, they subscribe to searchable indices, which are in house (at the library on a server). Try a keyword search there. I believe you will find lots of good reference articles. There is also a good chance that the library has a subscription to many of the journals. They even have e-subscriptions where you can download articles, but only accessible from the library workstations.
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    Actually i want to make it sticky so that we can discuss in details but also i need to know what those items are all about. concerning to reference i would suggest another PDF file by IEEE i mentioned in my previous post but i've said before we need IEEE member to download that file.

    waiting for reply.
    best regards
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    IMO, You probably won't need a sticky to discuss these ideas. Try discussing them in this thread first.
    Perhaps you can fill us in, why do you want to lump these particular concepts together. Is this for a project? If so, tell us about it.
    (1) MCT (MOS controlled thyristors) - here is one ref
    (2) Here is one type of http://www.eee.nottingham.ac.uk/pemc/matrix/ [Broken]

    For the IEEE articles, you are better off going to your school library as I mentioned. Most college libraries at engineering schools, subscribe to many of these journals (hard bound and digital)
    I am an IEEE member, but don't have personal access to their ejournals, that is a separate service to subscribe to.
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    indeed, that our professor gave us the paper by IEEE i mentioned in my previous post but as paper not pdf file so if i scan these papers it won't be clear to read .Actually I tried to understand that article but as i said before that i had no clue about basic concepts in the subject, that's it!
    i really need your help, with my best regards!

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    I see :rolleyes: you have an article you are trying to understand. My suggestion is to pick out any key words or concepts that are confusing and do a http://www.interq.or.jp/japan/se-inoue/e_search.htm [Broken] on them one by one. You will find some sites have discussions that are more easy to understand than others. After having done that, if there are some specific ideas you are still having trouble with, post them here.

    We have a excellent group of knowlegable PF members that will be happy to help you sorth them out..
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    thanks a lot! I really appreciate your opinion and your advise is very good for me, i'll do that.I think that google search engine is worldly used so that it's the best search engine among websites you've posted!?

    I think that PF members here have perfect method in explaining and clarifying there great knowleadge! so thanks again!
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