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Programs MD PhD, PhD in (astro)physics?

  1. Sep 7, 2010 #1
    Does anyone know of precedent in pursuing dual degrees in such varying fields?
    Or know of specific MD-PhD programs for it?
    Has anyone out there done it?
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    Rochester has one, but they seem to be focusing on medical physics, not astronomy (but astronomy is part of their department so it might be a possibility). But I'm not sure how you plan to combine those fields for a job.

    http://www.pas.rochester.edu/urpas/page/specialmdphd [Broken]
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    Awesome! Thanks for the link. The only intellectual response I can think of is, "Job shmob!"
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    Harvard / MIT has a Health Science and Technology degree which gets you a dual Ph.D/MD.

    I know someone with a British D. Phil., a MD, a Ph.D from HST, and then an MBA that she got later.
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    Hopefully I shant hijack your thread, but what is it you're looking to get out of your degree? An answer might allow for further responses - i.e. what fields is it you're interested in combining and why?
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