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ME 354 Mechanics of Materials Laboratory

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    University of Washington - Mechanical Engineering Department

    Course Notes

    Chapter 1 Introduction

    Chapter 2 Stress, Strain and Constitutive Relations

    Chapter 3 Beams: Strain, Stress, Deflections
    Discontinuity functions
    Comparison of disc. functions and FEA
    Beam deflection examples

    Chapter 4 Beams; Curved, Composite, Unsymmetrical
    · Curved beams
    · Unsymmetrical beams and angle section properties

    Chapter 5 Mechanical Properties and Performance of Materials
    · Plasticity relations
    · Strength theories

    Chapter 6 Stress Concentrations and Stress Raisers

    Chapter 7 Fracture

    Chapter 8 Time Dependant Behavior: Creep

    Chapter 9 Time Dependant Behavior: Cyclic Fatigue
    · Data for fatigue design calculations

    Chapter 10 Compression and Buckling
    · FEA examples

    Chapter 11 Structures, Complex Stresses and Deflections
    · Energy methods

    Chapter 12 Pressure Vessels
    · Thin walled vessels
    · Thick walled cylinders
    · FEA derived stress distributions
    · Shrink fit example

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    Great link ... thanks ! I'll be passing this along.
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    Yay UW represent!

    Yes those lecture notes were indeed helpful!
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