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ME and physics

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    I'm about to finish my BS in Mechanical engineering and I was wondering about doing a dual major in Physics. The departments are very closely related. I actually only have to take 12 hours of upper level physic courses (intro modern physics, quantum, electromagnetic theory, etc.)

    I've already decided to get a masters in fluids and thermo, but my question is that there are so many applications in physics with this masters that could this help me in the long run with a job?
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    It's not terribly likely that, after an MS, having a double major as an undergraduate in a relatively similar field will add too much to your resume. If it's interesting to you, or if it's just a challenge that you'd like to take on, go for it. There will be many more important factors in your career though. Unless you have near perfect grades, for example, you'll probably get more resume points by concentrating on your GPA first.

    It's all subjective though, and who knows how your individual hiring managers will disagree with me. There's also more to life than resume points.
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