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Me :D

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    Hi , I am Tina Radvand . 16 years old student from Tehran , Iran .
    I am studying hard for astronomy olympiad .
    I am interested in astrophysics and cosmology and orbital mechanics :rolleyes:
    hope this forum help me .
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    Welcome Tina.
    I hope you can find the help you want here.
    But you should know that studying something only because you like it is different from studying it because you want to take part in olympiad. You should have at least some vague knowledge of what kind of things and in what level are going to be given as problems. So it'll help you if you can find some of the problems given in previous years' olympiads. Or maybe some particular books are introduced to you so that knowing the material covered in those books is enough. Having such information will help you to study more effectively and also us to help you more effectively.
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