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ME? MET? Both?

  1. Dec 30, 2014 #1
    I think I'm kind of geared more towards Mechanical Engineering Technology because of it's practicality, but I also want to make my own designs, which isn't really taught in MET, where you get to do other people's designs.

    But for some reason I don't want to do just ME or MET. So I've 2 questions for everybody on this forum:

    Is it possible for someone to study MET for 4 years, then begin studying bachelor of ME and finish it earlier than normal(an year or two earlier), because the degrees' courses are somewhat similar?

    Or can one get a bachelor's in MET and the study a major in ME, or vice-versa?
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    Just get your ME and be done with it. Half measures merely increase your chance of failure.
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    Agreed. Based on questions we are getting, it seems like colleges are trying to sell people on MET (or EET) degrees for some reason, but it isn't just a different degree, it is a lesser degree: MET is ME lite. So if you can do ME, do ME.
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