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Me new here

  1. Oct 21, 2004 #1
    Me new here!!!

    ok peepz......im new here!!!........so how abt a welcome partaye! :approve:

    though this forum is heavily crowded i see u people dont reply to old threads but instead open up new and new threads.
    ........meaning getting help on this thread is :surprised TOUGH!!

    whose the dominant species here???.........i heard tis forum is mostly populated by russians?? :grumpy:

    anyways me frm .............. :eek: pakistan!!


    and btw pls warn me b4hand whose the toughguy admin around here...i better not flame em/
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    ALL admins/mentors are tough guys (and gals) here..:wink:
    Welcome to PF, BTW.
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    The dominant species here is North Americans - there's a thread/poll here listing the geographic identities of members, do add yours there (will be nice to have your post after the last existing one :smile:).

    And no, it's usually not hard to find help here. Welcome to PF !
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    That's right, baby! Grr. :devil:
    Actually, I only have trouble with those who abuse grammar.
    Welcome, Fookie.
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    jimmy p

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    Species eh? Sounds about right :tongue2:
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    from what I can see there is no dominant species but most people here share certain characteristics such as poor spelling and grammar. There are also quite a few with "no clue"
    Welcome to PF, you should feel right at home.
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