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    Im stuck with choosing what i want to do. I have been googleing and googleing for hours about MET and ME. Im very interested in mechanical engineering BUT i like hands on. I want to learn physics and science and build things. What i need to know is if ME's get to build at ALL. or do they just draft all day and stay in front of a pc? I also have to think of the money difference to support a family. I will be going for a 4 year degree no matter what. To bad i cant do both. I wish an MET could somehow do a few extra courses and be able to apply for ME jobs. or an ME do a few extra classes for hands on exp.

    This is where im stuck. Some say ME is nothin but theory. Ok, that sux.. no hands on at all. where as MET is a lil of both but human resource managers see the MET and skip the resume` i guess ill just have to say im an ME with an minor in technology or somethin. haha

    I would like peoples input on this but im afraid i know what yall gonna say. lol

    anyway thanx

    i hope i can find what i need to know.

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    The question boils down to, Do you want to be an engineer or a technician?.
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    No idea.. I really dont want to do 4 years of school with no hands on at all. To me, i always thought engineers built things like planes, boats, engines and actually put them together.

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    I wouldn't know much about these two programs, but I'd say the possibilities for hands on work depends more on the workplace. You are more likely to build things yourself in a smaller company, for example. Then again I've also seen mechanical engineers that are totally isolated from reality. Just don't be the kind of guy who, when asked why the parts he designed don't fit together, goes back to his computer and "measures" in the CAD program instead of in reality, then comes back and says that it does in deed fit.
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    If your main desire to do build things with your hands or instruments then choose technician. You might also do a bit of designing, but not as in depth as engineers.

    Also in terms of licensing, you may need to check as some countries don't allow technicians to get engineering licenses such as PE or FE in the US.

    Engineers design the devices based on principles only learned by taking advanced courses in math, physics, and other sciences. In some cases, a PhD may be required to design critical pieces such as in the Aerospace or Nuclear engineering.
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    Dang, this bites. It seems that i cant win. haha. dont wanna be a grunt worker all my life but dont wanna be stuck behind a PC all day drafting and designing. I actually want to be part of a team that designs and builds. Granted the techs may do all the work but i would love to be involved with the building process. I speak with my school advisor tomorow to see what the 4 years of ME is going to be like. There is a 14,000$ pay difference for starting salary. Maybe i can do MET and then a masters in ME. or visa versa.

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    MET to Master in ME path may be unlikely as ME and MET are not interchangeable.
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    Ok guys i figured it out. I am going for my ME BUT im doing it a fun and diff way. I have to get my associates of pre engineering first for ME but since i wanted more hands on, i asked my advisor if i can use the APE for the MET she said yes but i would need to do 7 other classes that were all hands on. Then she came up with the idea that would give me my 4 year in ME and a 2 year in MET so that way i can get a job after my first two years and then work on my last two of ME. How its all going to work is this way:

    Since i have no math at all. I will be doing the pre reqs to get to calc 2 which is required for both MET and ME. Since i cant take any other core classes tell math is done, i will take the other 7 classes from the MET during my math. So i will get my APE with an MET at the same time because i have to do all my math first anyway. Then when im done with the APE, i will transfer to the university of Utah and get my ME. This way i can do welding, drafting, manufacturing and machining during my math for the MET and then once im done with math, finish up the chem and physics classes that either transfer to MET or ME. Basically, when i have my APE i can transfer to either MET 4 year or ME 4 year BUT the way i am doing it, i get all the hands on like an MET so im not so board. This way, my resume is very flexible. Get my two year MET that is transferable to a 4 year ME. We double checked everything and its a go.
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