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Homework Help: Me PLEEEEEASE ill love u 4ever

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    plz help me.. PLEEEEEASE.. ill love u 4ever

    I'm working on my physics science fair, and I'm doind the errors (like you know when you have to calculate errors based on half the smallest increment).. well, you know how ur suppose to use only one significant digit for it.. what if my value of errors is 119.45.. i can't use only one significant digit for that...... do i write... 1.0x10^2?....... how do i doooooooo ittttttt?
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    bump.. can sum1 plz help?
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    First of all, "bumps" don't help. Second, if you need an answer right away (you only waited 2 hours) this probably isn't the best place to go. You WILL get an answer, probably within a day. Don't be so impatient!

    As for errors, if you have to report an error of 119 to one significant digit that would be either 100 or 1 x 10^2. That means if your measured value is 54619 then you would report a value of [tex]54600 \pm 100[/tex].

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