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Me sci-fi composition

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    Hi folks:smile:

    Recently I had been trying to write a little sci-fi composition somehwat narrative in style. Hopefully I'd like to at least publish it in a small booklet here in our city, when resources come, that is.

    I'm into art, but am also into physics as an enthusiast. However I'd like to share these sci-fi postulations and hope to get it into discussion with the science folks here. I don't often get connected on the internet due to limited reasons, perhaps I can go visit about once a week though, or in every two weeks. But I would encourage folks to go on discussing with the ideas even when I'm still not around, and I hope to reply when I get the time. I'll be sharing some points on my story now, I'd welcome comments, whether nice or a bit critical (me not much into physics technicalities, though I'll try to, but I prefer to view my relation with physics philosophically), when its constructive of course. Thanks.

    Here are some points:

    ** It's the 23rd century and Ereth is in secondary phase of immersion program with the Cultural Complex of 4D-5D evolved citizens of Confederacy of Interstellar Civilizations (CIC). They communicate by SPEEDTEL (Stellar-Planetary Enhanced Encoded Data Telecommunication), wherein data imbued photonic data are transmitted via stellar and planetary vortices that emit like macrocosmic transmitters in the huge galactic screen.

    ** AI robots are developed with sentient capabilities. Such higher technology are known as 4D technology and permeated with Faster-than-light Imbued Crystalline Kinetics (FLICK).

    It would be nice to hear comments or discussions about these 2 points for now, especially on the use of terms. I believe in sci-fi it would be nice to suggest 'new' technologies with at least some point of explanation in physics. Sci-fi techs are expected to be weird or too fantastic yet, but it may not be impossible.

    Thanks again.
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    Er... why? The human brain is an excellent demonstration of what can be done without twisting the general laws of physics... I don't see the neccessity in having FTL for sentient computing...

    Be wary of creating dazzling magic black boxes and using esoteric words just for the sake of it....
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    Remember additionally that the lowest common denominator in any future world is the people using such ideas...

    Can you visualise a 23rd century teenager talking naturally about "data imbued photonic data"?

    Also, not sure what you mean by planetary and stellar vortices. As far as current physics suggest, if we can crash the c barrier, it has be very very exotic...
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    Thanks FZ+ for your comments, and your patience too.

    Indeed the human brain is an excellent demonstration. If the case is without twisting the laws of general physics, then that is because the human brain is using the tool logic, and that's nice. However, other than logic the human brain may also be able to use other tools such as creativity, imagination. With that, the mind is set soaring beyond. Of course, we have to be weary about the pitfalls of illusion. What I tend to perceive is that such endeavors as Art may go into fantasies or imaginations, but not necessarily illusions. Perhaps I could refer it to my term, "pre-existent patterns". There is that sense of awareness, and sense of patterns, but it is yet to exist in a dimension, like dream premonitions for example. I once read in some article that though human data processing in the brain travels at lightspeed, the blood may actually be the first to store photonic data, like from the sun, before the brain knows it until it is transmitted there.

    I tend to be an independent thinker, so I tend to describe some aspects not necessarily found in books, but it is there, and we will sense whether something is in line or out of sense. But it may not necessarily deviate in technical books either.

    So as not to twist the laws, we could say that Consciousness, since it is beyond the realm of matter, may be referred as a sentient observer of an observed dimension. If matter we shall say is in a 3D reality, Consciousness may be on the 4D, and no matter how much numbers one puts on that dimension, Consciousness will always be a notch higher as an observer. I tend to agree during a weird discussion we had at a physics chatroom; in E=mc2, E may be constant, but c2 is variable. I wonder of the probability if a higher dimension occurs because its reality may be referred to as E=mc3, etc.

    Matter cannot exceed lightspeed, but I personally postulate that at beyond lightspeed, matter may duplicate, hence the concept of parallel dimensions. With the so-called FLICK, a robot may be sentient by mirroring the reality of its dimension with a data storing crystal, and it is capable because the future dimension it's in has already shifted from older lower dimension reality, to a new higher dimensional reality, relative to the awareness of Human Consciousness in which in the future of the story, has already evolved to higher dimensions.

    Can you visualise a 23rd century teenager talking naturally about "data imbued photonic data"?

    Yep, he's talking with an extraterrestrial pal from another dimension.

    With regards to vortices, I tend to postulate that planetary or stellar bodies may actually have vortices on its core, considering that basically two basic forces are often at play in nature. Energy emanating in such vortices is a denominator with other heavenly bodies in a dimensiion, which is why they float in space, rather than behave like paperweights. If between water and air, the planets are like bubble in a sea of space.

    Although in my situation I cannot necessarily reply soonest, I'd like to keep the thread up and encourage further discussions about similar topics here, with a little patience. Till next.:smile:
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    whats the 5-D all about?
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    By the way, from a website data my friend once shared to me. It was experimented that the ELF (Extremely low frequency) in gravity waves registered data of a solar eclipse at faster than light, than data from a conventional instrument.
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    I tend to hear that from some website esoteric sources (I'm doing stuff into sci-fi you know, I am open minded to other options when composing it, or widening perspectives), like mentioning higher dimensional 5D extraterrestrial entities interacting with lower dimensional earthlings.

    As in our dimension, we had the conventional 3d space, and time. Didn't physics have concepts about more dimensions in the String Theory.
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