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Me with these questions

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    plz help me with these questions

    Last time i post some questions here and this is the continue of those questions. Help me as soon as possible, because my presentation is on Monday june 2nd. My calssmates are going to ask me these questions so i need to prepare for it. plz post the answers as soon as possible.

    16)If black holes are superobuse solids how can a person travel through one?

    17)If the universe was created through cosmic strings where did they go?

    18)If cosmic strings have enough gravitational energy to bend space time, how can humans hope to harness their power?

    19)Is the thought of no time dimension in light theoretical of proven?

    20)Based on your research do you think time travel is possible and why?

    21)Can you elaborate on how Einstein’s special theory on relativity shows the time travel is possible?

    22)How are wormholes created?

    23)What is a cosmic string?

    24)Can you explain why the clock had different times?

    25)Are there any theories allow how black holes cab be artificially generated?

    26)Do you see time travel as beneficial if it were true?

    27)You talked about traveling to the future, what about past?

    28)How is there 4 dimensions in a wormhole? I don’t understand how 4 dimensions would work?

    29)Wouldn’t the black hole crush us even if we used the cosmic string to travel?

    30)Wormholes sound like a thing we could use to travel great distances fast, how would we go back in time with it?

    31)In your first example, wouldn’t the clock in the plane be faster than the clock on the ground to demonstrate time travel?

    32)How white holes work? Are they similar to black holes in density and size? Could you please clarify how the white hole would push things away from its gravitational field?

    33)Is it possible for things to be caught between white and black holes? Or just be sucked into black hole?

    34)How is negative energy important to worm hole?

    35)Even if a new quantum universe is made, would not the paradox still remain?

    36)Can you explain the fact that time travels faster in airplane than on ground?

    37)What does black holes have to do with time travel? And how is it possible for time travel to occur in black holes while on one actually know what is in black holes?

    38)Where does a worm hole originate from?

    39)Could you explain in a little bit more detail how paradox fits in to time travel?

    40)If there is a proof that time travel is possible? Why then the question remains “Is time travel possible?”?

    41)What was Professor Carol Allie’s explanation for when the clock moved at different speeds? How is this possible and what caused this? (ie/ why does speed distort time?)

    42)Do time machines actually work? If so, wheat do they look like and how do they escape time?

    43)If you enter a black hole or worm hole and travel through time do you ever go back to the time you came from?

    44)How did Einstein prove that we could travel through time by traveling at the speed of light?

    45)Have their been any experiments of machines that could take us from one place to another with out taking any time at all therefore cutting down on traveling times?

    46)Can you explain why the atomic clock on the plane was showing a different time?

    47)Which way is time moved when you move faster?

    48)How could scientists artificially generate a black whole?

    49)Has there been any evidence that worm holes exist?

    50)Where did the idea of time travel in a special machine came from?

    51)If white holes were to exist why haven’t we detected any?

    52)What kind of stressor would a worm hole put on the human body?

    53)Could a space ship swerve the pull of a cosmic string?

    54)How would traveling 1000 light years away at the speed of light
    take only 1 year?

    55)Do you believe that time travel is possible? If so when do you
    think it will first occur?

    56)Can you explain more about how to artificially generate a black hole?

    57)At what speed the objects attached to a cosmic string travel?

    58)What is a quantum universe?

    59)How can our every action causes the creation of a new universe?

    60)How large is a worm hole?

    61)Why would Kerr holes (rotating black hole) be especially used for
    time travel, compared to regular black holes?

    62)“Wormholes have four dimensions. Up-Down, Left-Right, Forward-Backward and the fourth one is Time.” How is this different from everything else?

    63)“Einstein's general theory of relativity, suggest that only tiny quantum-sized wormholes may exist.” What does this mean?

    64)Why is negative energy necessary to hold a worm hole open?

    65)“If we are going to travel forward in time we would have to create a machine that is capable of traveling at the speed of light.” Why is this necessary?

    66)“If we are going to travel forward in time we would have to create a machine that is capable of traveling at the speed of light. Once we reached the speed of light, we could get to anywhere within a second, because time does not exist in the dimension of light.” What does this mean?

    67)“In the future, time travel would be made possible to uncover many of the historical mystery that historians could not solve. We could very well be traveling by teleporting from one place to another, and instead of manually inputting instructions to the machine, it could very well be mind control.” How can you be so sure?
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    Re: plz help me with these questions

    Greetings eastsidecrew !

    First try these links:

    There are a lot more that you can find in the
    Napster threads on top of the physics forum.

    I'll answer your questions with a sum-up here
    (and if I miss something - let me know) :

    First, this is just a hobby of mine, for now,
    so my knowledge is very tiny and limmited (I do not
    conduct research or anything like you suggested :smile:).

    White holes are unheard of in current physical

    Negative energy - the sane as WHs. (Though the
    term has been sometimes used to discribe things
    like Dark Matter - the apparently missing matter
    in the Universe and anti-matter, but that's
    not a practical or meaningfull name in that

    Wormholes are theoretical space-time tunnels
    which connect the singularities - points
    of infinite mass inside BH's. The concept
    is more sci-fi than real science for now.
    We have no way of looking into BHs, so far,
    and no evidence that the whole thing's
    at all possible or that singularities themselves
    are real.

    Accoerding to SR every object has it's own spacial
    and time coordinates (space-time - 4D). This is
    the result of SR, the 2 basic postulates of the
    theory are: All the laws of physics are the same
    for every observer and the speed of light - c is
    a constant for every observer(also a law of physics).

    So, if something has a velocity ralative to
    me it's clock will go slower relative to me
    and it's size will also appear to've shrinked
    along the relative axes of movement, for me.
    For the observer in that object it will look
    as though my clock is slow and I've shrinked.
    (Read more about SR to understand this stuff.)

    Time travel to the future is possible by simply
    going very fast relative to the place you wan'na
    move forward in time in respect to and then
    coming back and becoming stationary in respect to it.

    Time travel into the past is not possible according
    to SR. It is possible if you travel FTL, but then
    that is in turn also impossible according to SR.

    I do not know what you mean by "quantum Universe".

    String theory is currently being developed and
    hasn't yet been sufficiently verified to be
    accepted. According to it strings are the new
    term for the older concepts of particles and then
    and now - wave-particles (according to Quantum Mechanics).

    I do not know about time travel being beneficial.
    This is a hypothetical question for now and
    mostly a social and thus subjective one.
    So, what do you think ?

    Particles without rest mass, like light - electromagnetic
    waves, travel at c and do not "experience" time.
    They only move through space. The simple reason
    is that their speed is c and that is also the top
    speed of all known physical laws - interactions.
    So, they can not interact and thus have no time.

    The only practical technology that can possibly
    create BHs in the near future are the new generation
    of highly energetic particle accelerators which can
    get groups of particles very close together.
    I've also heard something about possible future
    experiments with materials that have very low speeds
    of light within them that can be used to simulate BHs.
    The BHs that can be created by particle accelerators
    will have a very low mass and thus emmit great
    (Hawking) radiation and thus exist for exteremely short
    periods of time.

    Hope this helps. I really think you should stick
    to the "real" physics in your presentations. Otherwise
    you're bound to get confused and mess things
    up with all these, mostly sci-fi, terms.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Does any one else has any more answers for these questions??
  5. Jun 1, 2003 #4
    Most of the questions are nonsense, if your looking for a real physical answer. The ones that aren't can be easily answered with a little work on your part.

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