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Homework Help: Mean square error

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    when calculating the mean square error i have been using the differential,

    if a length measured is x=2 and the error mx=+- 0.005

    then x=2+-0.005

    if i have x+y where y=3, my=+-0.02



    but if i have x^2 does this work the same

    for example if the area of a rectangle is x*2x can i say 2x2

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    Tip: don't use [ sub] and [ sup] tags inside of [ tex] code. I have reformatted your script to make it more readable. Inside of [ tex] tags, use _{...} for subscripts and ^{...} for superscripts.
    I don't know if this is correct or not. I suggest looking at what your formula for mx*y, and seeing what you get for mx*x in the formula above.
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