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Meaning of a Symbol

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    I've run across a symbol on a NASA paper from 1984 that I am not familiar with and that I could not find in a web search.

    It's a capital 'V' with a horizontal cross bar through its center. Any ideas?
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    Was it an inverted upper case A? If so it might be the logic symbol meaning "for all".
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    Can you post an image of this symbol or provide a link to the paper?
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    Did it look like this?
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    What's it mean?
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    It means "for each" or "for all".
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    Well, with what I've been doing, I had become accustomed to the nomenclature of a paper being right up there by the introduction or abstract. So, I finally came to the end of this NASA paper and discovered - ta daaa!

    The nomenclature.

    So, the symbol, V with a horizontal cross-bar (duplicated by going into Word, or some such, typing a capital V and clicking the strike-through button), anyway, that symbol stands for, "Volume of ion production region (m3)."

    Still trying to learn what that is - I am, by no means, really understanding more than the concepts of this paper - so, I don't know what that is, though I kind of have a guess.
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    Just skimmed through it, there's a symbol matching his description first appearing at the bottom of page 30, in equation (12). Can't work out what it means though -- it appears again on page 38.

    EDIT: Just checked the glossary at the bottom. It means "volume of ion production region", measured here in cubic metres.

    EDIT 2: According to post #7, the OP has already discovered this...
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