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A Meaning of Eikonalization

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    I'm doing some reading about high energy hadronic interaction models, and now and there some papers mention the term "eikonalization". Yet, I could not find any definition about it anywhere, except a vague one that states it is a kind of unitarization of an operator (yet I cannot understand how is it different from a de facto unitarization or how could the concept apply for something as the inclusive cross section of jet productions in the above mentioned hadronic interaction models).

    Could anyone explain me the meaning of term or point me up to a paper where I can read more about it? Thanks!
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    Sadly no, this is all information I could get. Thanks by the courtesy, even it being automated.
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    Unfortunately I'm also not familiar with this. Do you have an example for a paper/book where "eikonalization" is used in this context?
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    The only way I remember seeing the term was as the "Eikonal approximation". Wikipedia gives a good explanation of the "Eikonal approximation" if you google it.
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    I think that the following article could be useful to you. Unfortunately, I have only a hard copy, I don't know if it is available for free on the web. You can see the first page for free here:

    The eikonolization I am familiar with is also referred to the relativistic eikonal approximation. The following article may be useful

    Validity of the Relativistic Eikonal Approximation
    George Tiktopoulos and S. B. Treiman
    Phys. Rev. D 2, 805 – Published 15 August 1970

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    I have come across the term 'eikonal survival factor' in the context of exclusive measurements. It is a factor that accounts for the fact we don't want extraneous interactions between spectator partons that would otherwise populate rapidity gaps used to select exclusive events. I am not sure of the context you are working, however.
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    It really feels good to be on that list and I wish I could be, but I'm not a local QFT expert. I'm gradually learning it as I progress in my master's thesis.
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    Thank you all by the responses, specially thanks to @mfb for the mentions and @nrqed for the reading recommendations.

    I've seen the term in the context of hadronic high energy interaction models, specifficaly, I was reading about the Sybill model. The paper in question is authored by Sergey Ostapchenko, here is the DOI of the article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/epjconf/201612004003
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