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Meaning of fuel gas ring main?

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    Aparently the fuel gas is used for the heater in the production of benzene from toluene. But once this, it goes to the fuel gas ring main which I have no clue of what it is!!!!

    Help :)
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    I'm sorry I have no idea what your second sentence means.
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    Sorry, I explained myself pretty badly!
    Okay, so the fuel gas is used for the heater. and the amount which is left unused is taken to the "fuel gas ring main", and I haven't got a clue of what that is!

    thanks :)
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    Well a ring main is a pipe or cable connected in the form of a loop or ring.

    The electricity or piped substance can then be fed in two directions to any point.

    The purpose of this is illustrated in my sketch.

    Suppose you have loads or outlets A, B and C fed from a source as shown.

    If B is a heavy load than there will will a large pressure drop from the source to B.

    So if outlet C or load C is fed only via B (the thick line) then it will be fed at low pressure or voltage.

    If we now complete the ring via the dashed line the proper pressure or voltage is maintained at C.

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    thanks a lot for the effort, but I don't quite see what this has to do with the fuel. I mean, voltaje? I thought that in the fuel oil main ring the fuel was circulating, not electricity!!!

    thanks again!!!:)
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    Use your imagination.


    I said pipe or cable.

    There is a water supply ring main around London.

    I can remember a bentonite (a drilling mud) ring main at one site I worked.

    The point is that whatever is supplied has two paths to feed any load, thus bypassing another load that affects the local supply capacity.

    Your fuel gas is fed through such a ring pipe so that the firing up of one burner does not affect an adjacent one.
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