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Meaning of lambda symbol?

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    Does the lambda symbol [tex]\Lambda_{\nu}^{\mu}[/tex] refer specifically to the Lorentz transformation matrix or to any transformation matrix?
    Also, is it essential that it's enclosed in brackets [tex]\left(\Lambda_{\nu}^{\mu}\right)[/tex]
    to indicate the entire matrix and not a particular component? Does it matter that much or is it an obvious faux pas?
    Thank you
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    I think it's usually just the components of a Lorentz transformation, but you shouldn't assume that every author uses that convention.

    I'm not a fan of the [itex](\Lambda^\mu{}_\nu)[/itex] notation. I assume it denotes the matrix with [itex]\Lambda^\mu{}_\nu[/itex] on row [itex]\mu[/itex], column [itex]\nu[/itex]? I would just write [itex]\Lambda[/itex].

    Note that in most books, the horizontal positioning of the indices is important.
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