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Meaning of Static Shock Load?

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    A customer of my employer emailed me with some requirements for a new machine that they plan to build. Everything was fine until I got to the part of the static shock load requirement of 2700in-lbs. A static load is a force/load put on for a long period of time, but shock load is a sudden or rapid force applied. How can it be both?

    If anyone can clear this up it would greatly appreciated.
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    Without context.

    I'd say its a dynamic load where there system doesnt have time to respond.

    Eg a shaft with no applied load (acting to retard its motion) would accelerate under the dynamic load. If it was held (had a massive inertia at the other end) all the dynamic load would go to twisting the shaft.
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    There are possibly words missing . Could be static equivalent (of) shock load (of) -
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